Action Required: Bubble Plugin Update

Sometime in the last few months, Bubble made a significant change to the plugin API library that required all plugins to move to their Plugin API v4 by January 4th.

To remain compliant and make sure none of the Pathfix plugin APIs are effected, we released an update to the following plugins:

  • Pathfix OAuth Connector
  • Slack (OAuth)
  • Twitter V2 API (OAuth)
  • GMail (OAuth)
  • LinkedIn API (OAuth)
  • Microsoft Calendar (OAuth)
  • Instagram Graph API (OAuth)
  • Google Calendar (OAuth)
  • Facebook API (OAuth)
  • Mailchimp (OAuth)
  • Xero - Customer + Invoice(OAuth)
  • Spotify Search API(OAuth)
  • Quickbooks(Customer + Invoice)
  • SSO Login (Multiple Providers)

What do you need to do?

If you are using any Pathfix plugin in your app, log in to your Bubble app and update all Pathfix plugins to the latest version. All the Actions and Data calls would remain uneffected but we recommend testing your API calls and/or run a test scenario after the update.