Hubspot integration error


I am getting an error on my Hubspot integration on my Bubble app.

It seems to be working fine when testing it, but when connecting with an actual Bubble user using the current user unique id I get the following response back:

“rows”: [
“pincStatus”: “error”,
“statusCode”: “403”,
“callUnits”: “1”,
“callId”: “4d23975e-4648-42da-a29f-83720f4e5e1a”,
“errorType”: “INVALID-OAUTHID”,
“errorMessage”: “User may not have authenticated your app, previously revoked access or there might have been an integration failure.”

Can you help?

Hey @Christian_Thisted you need to make sure the logged in user has connected their account on your app before you can make an API call.

INVALID-OAUTHID error comes through when an API call is being made for a user that hasnt connected or does not have an active connection.