Publish media on Instagram with Bubble

I am trying to post images with Pathfix and Bubble. I’ve set up Facebook login, Graph API, Basic display. I’ve set x-partner-key in Graph API (OAuth) Plugin and have set up the connector the Path Fix OAuth Connector.
In Bubble, Pathfix connector seems to work, it shows up as connected, after connecting the business Instagram account. However when I try to add publish media routine and execute it, nothing happens, if I go to the Instagram page, nothing got added. Does it have to do with the permissions, that is (instagram_content_publish - Graph API - Documentation - Meta for Developers)? I can’t add advanced permissions, it says, there has to be a successful API test call.
Does someone have an idea, how to make publishing of photos work?
Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Roman_Krawtschenko

A couple of checks:

  1. Have you added your integration in Pathfix and tested the connection? It’s the best place to start to verify if your account has been setup correctly.

Add your integrations - click on Test Connection - Connect an account - select any of the Sample Methods from the list and run a test API call

  1. In your Pathfix OAuth Plugin, you will only need to add your Pathfix Public Key (assuming you have a Pathfix account and have configured your Instagram integration in your Pathfix account)

If the above works, you could install the Instagram plugin by Pathfix. It has the APIs to publish a post with image:

Link to the plugin documentation: Instagram Graph API Integration - Pathfix | Integration Docs

I’ve tested the connection in Pathfix directly and slowly found out, that the problem lied rather in the Facebook and Instagram business accounts themselves. This video helped me further: