Stripe for SAAS

Hello, I am developing a SAAS and trying to integrate Stripe for my customers…

When using Pathfix Stripe Auth0 connection, will the accounts registered be Stripe connected accounts?

Is there a way to have them as independent accounts from my platform with pathfix? I don’t charge commission so I don’t wan’t their movements through my Stripe account.

Hey Sergio!

Assuming you are using the Stripe OAuth integration (not the Stripe API-Key), your app will be authenticated for your customers Stripe account allowing you to get/push data into your customers Stripe account and not yours

(image: Stripe OAuth)

Thanks for your reply… just one further question to fully clarify this, Will those accounts that go through Stripe Oauth be “stripe connect” accounts? (like a marketplace) or completely independent from my platform?

My question is because I did some tests and all accounts that went through the Stripe oauth ended as connected accounts of my platform… although the idea is exactly what you mentioned in your answer that they are independent. (Maybe i did something wrong)