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We work well, when we all work together. Together with our users, we know we can achieve some of the most complex integrations and change the way SaaS integrations are done.

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The community has been exclusively created for Integration specialists, SaaS enthusiasts, no-code builders and developers just like you. Our hope is that you can learn how you can use Pathfix, ask the community questions or help fellow users on how they can achieve their SaaS integration very quickly without ever needing to download SDK’s, managing OAuth servers, token management or transformation.

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Pathfix Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Our community guidelines and code of conduct ensures that our members are safe, heard and respected.

Here are our simple rules to follow:


  • Discuss Pathfix and all its features
  • Ask questions or comment to help fellow Pathfixers’
  • Share code snippects, GitHub links or implementation support with other users to enable their integrations through Pathfix
  • Share how you use Pathfix to fuel your integrations


  • No self promotions permitted
  • No bullying zone. Be civil
  • Any speech deemed sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or discriminatory.
  • Harassment of any community member based on differences of opinion.
  • Derogatory comments toward any community member or Pathfix team member.
  • Violence, threats, or language depicting violence.
  • Harsh, cruel, argumentative or negative comments

If you witness or are subject to any of the above unacceptable behaviors, please flag the content and report it immediately. You can report unwanted behavior to support@pathfix.com

Pathfix reserves the right to remove any individual or group, at any time, that’s identified as violating this guideline and code of conduct…

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